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Brian Freeman

This Electronic Press Kit (EPK) will provide important information to the media. As albums, singles, and news become available, they will be published here.



For all booking, press, and general inquiries, contact Brian Freeman via cell phone at (508) 353-1976, or via email at


Springfield, MA


Singer-Songwriter, indie rock

Years Active:

2000- Present


Independent Artist


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Press Biography

Brian Freeman is a musician and multi-instrumentalist from Springfield, MA who has recently completed working on his next studio album, "Keep In The Sunlight", ready for a March 30th, 2018 release.

Music has always been a part of Brian Freeman's life ever since high school when he first picked up a ukulele and a guitar. He started out writing little songs as extra credit projects for class and quickly found that he loved the process of writing and editing music.

Similar in sound to They Might Be Giants, the Decemberists, and Ben Folds Five, Brian Freeman brings an eclectic and energetic stage show to his live sets. The one-man band performs using pre-recorded drum, bass, and keyboard while he plays his guitar and sings live. The result is a full, balanced sound that really showcases the musical and editing skills of Brian Freeman.

"I used to write short little ditties on my Casio keyboard in high school", states Brian Freeman, talking about his choice of instrumentation. "I've played in bands before, but there's something cool about claiming that you wrote, recorded, and mastered an entire album by yourself."

While others might feel that a solo act might be boring, Brian Freeman states that, "If my audience is bored, then I'm not doing my job as an entertainer." Although pre-recorded, his backing tracks clearly add to the energy of his live performance. "Recording the backing in Ableton [a music production software suite] allows me to have the same big sound as a traditional rock band while still allowing me to interact with my fans on a personal level." He uses this dynamic to enhance his live performances.

"If I'm bored, I know my audience is certainly bored", quips Brian Freeman when asked about his live shows.

His latest album, "Keep In The Sunlight" is an eclectic melange of Brian Freeman's stylistic blend of humor and seriousness, showcasing his dedication to the art of music while still allowing himself to have fun. "I'm a teacher by day and a family man, so these things naturally take priority", states Freeman. "I like to spend as much time in the studio as I can: writing, refining, and mastering the art of studio production. I've financed a nice little home studio and I really enjoy my time in there. It's always fun and creative!"

"Keep In The Sunlight", the third album released by Brian Freeman, but the first album professionally recorded, takes the listener on a journey through Freeman's mind. "At times humorous, at times serious,and at times all things between, 'Keep In The Sunlight' is a great example of what independently-produced music can be."

More information on Brian Freeman can be found on his website,

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