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Brian Freeman was born in the tiny rural village of Philadelphia in 1985. He moved around a bunch due to his father's job and settled in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for high school, college, grad school, and life in general. During the day, he is an instructional coach who works with teachers to plan curriculum and techniques for high school English. During the night, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids and composing music. Music is probably the only reason you're here, so let's get to it!

In high school, he recorded compilations on keyboard under the name Chair Nonsense and released two EPs: "Untitled Chair Nonsense Sampler" and "Somewhere Between the Fish and Mars." Yeah, he doesn't know what those mean either. Those probably got thrown away (rightfully so), so don't ask him for any of those.


Then, he got his first guitar, having previously learned the ukulele. He played that thing a bit too much and got it in his head that he could write guitar songs. He bought an acoustic and an electric, combined them with his keyboard, and released Tryptophan in 2002.  This album, whose hits include "A Depressing Song" and "Live Life to the Fullest" was completely recorded, played, and mastered by him. It's his little baby. Well, other than his actual little baby.


After Tryptophan, he got right back down to writing and released his second "real" album: Phydeaux on 1/2/04. He knows this date is correct because the arrogant man that he is signed and dated the CD case. Phydeaux showcased his increased musical ability and better instrument/recording software. It contains the live favorites "Would We All Be Happier" and "Man In A Gorilla Suit."


Now, he is excited that his newest album, "Keep In The Sunlight", is available on all modern music purchasing and streaming platforms. Expect to hear professional-quality music (he uses Ableton Live 9 and studio-grade equipment) and all-around Brian Freemany goodness. Yes, Brian Freemany is now a legal adjective.

What happens after that? Time will tell...


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